ProBenchmark is the largest supplier-neutral database of market pricing in the world. Driven by thousands of enterprise engagements across industry verticals, deal sizes and network suppliers, only ProBenchmark can deliver the critical pricing insights that ensure you negotiate the best possible outcome for your organization.


    Telecom Network Sourcing

  • Network evaluations
  • Current cost analysis
  • Competitive bid management
  • Long-term strategy development
  • Carrier evaluations
  • Contract negotiations support
    Benchmarking ofthe
    following services:
  • Voice
  • Access
  • Local
  • Data
  • Wireless
  • Emerging Services


  1. Cost Savings - Average savings was 27% in 2012
  2. Provides the market information for your services
  3. Coverage in 6 continents with 166 countries
  4. Continually updated which insure you have resent information
  5. Target Clients - Enterprise clients with annual telecom spend of $1M
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